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The Value of an advertising design is easily assessed. If the picture – a selling idea – properly executed, it is worthy of the valuable space it occupies.

Artwork in advertising has only one purpose: to sell something. It may be employed for immediate sales, or its object may be to create prestige for the advertiser.

Artwork must sell the public – not please the advertiser. Many brilliant selling ideas have been buried, for one simple reason: because it did not please the advertiser.

On the other hand there have been many profound successes accomplished by the advertiser disregarding his individual taste and letting cold business judgment dictate in the selection of ideas.

“Artwork in Advertising, no matter how beautiful and artistic it might be, is certain to fail in its mission, unless it embodies a selling idea.”

Take a look at some of the oldest advertising artwork. This could be extremely educational because no matter how old these designs are the principles applied just never get old.

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